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Announcements and customer information

PRICE INCREASES March 2024. Unfortunately due to unprecedented rising costs we have had no option but to increase our prices. We appreciate your understanding and we will continue to offer great service and top quality food.

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Our Facebook page has been hacked & we hope to be back very soon! 

We were pretty annoyed that our facebook page was hacked December 2023 and are trying - with great difficulty - to get it reinstated as soon as possible. We have over 14 years of memories with you there so we hope to be able to get this back up and running . Please follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with us ! Thankyou.

Upcoming Events

Events and special occasions will be posted here !

Legal Notice

In compliance with section 4E of the Payment of Wages Act 1991 (as inserted by section 3 of the Payment of Wages (Tips and Gratuities) Act 2022) This notice advises employees and customers on how tips, gratuities, service charges and other mandatory charges are treated on this premises. TIPS AND GRATUITIES We do not add a service charge to your bill.  100% of all cash tips and gratuities received are fully distributed to staff in line with the Payment of Wages (Tips and Gratuities) (Amendment) Act 2022. 0% of tips are retained by the business and 100% is distributed to staff.  Tips and gratuities are pooled and shared at end of each day and paid through a troncmaster system which is managed by the employees. The amount available for staff in the restaurant is shared out through a fair system controlled by a staff representative.


If you have to make an enquiry please let us know by email, phone or our social pages

Ireland +353579352839

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